Abracadabra: How to Choose the Right Fish for Your Aquarium


Having a new aquarium means having to deal with the type of fish species you can keep on your aquarium, the size, type, and placement of your aquarium in your home or office, and whether you’ll need to use saltwater or freshwater, plastic or live plants, and the types of heaters, filters, food, and lights. Usually, when a new aquarium owner makes a decision on the type of fish to place in the aquarium, it is based on the appliance and color, and this is a major concern that many are struggling with. The correct way in setting up a new aquarium in to research what type of fish will best be put in your aquarium by knowing the maximum length or size of the fish, its compatibility with other fish, if it will tend to eat smaller fish, and if it nips the fins of other fish.

It is best to tailor the type of species at aquacadabra.com you choose to the type, size, and location of your aquarium, along with your heating and filtering choices. There are three thousand of fish species available and there are seven categories to help you know them including catfish, characiforms, cichlids, cypriniforms, cyprinodonts, labyrinth, and rainbow fish. Catfish have over 2,000 species with their own unique characteristics, with armor-like skin or plating, used as aquarium scavengers, and some are specialized feeders, nocturnal, and need to live in live groups. Characiforms are usually wild caught including piranhas which are best suited to experts, and smaller species are used in community aquariums.

Cichlids are aggressive so they are suited for live aquariums, they have bright colors, diverse habitat, and can live in a community aquarium given the right conditions. One example of coldwater fish under the cyrpiniform category are goldfish, and cypriniforms are popular as aquarium pets because of their hardiness, willingness to breed, and easy of care. If you are a beginner, avoid taking care of cyprinodonts because it will be difficult for you to handle tooth carps consisting of egg layers as well as swordtails, mollies, guppies, and platys. Labyrinth fish are hardy, small, and peaceful fish which are suited for community aquariums. View this website https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/13/pet-fish-dump_n_6153488.html to know more about pets.

As a beginner, you need to start researching on the individual fish and requirements, building a nice aquarium according to the needs of your fish. You can visit our homepage or website for more details about aquarium and fish care. Having aquarium pets from Aquacadabra can be exciting not just for you but most especially for your children. It is best to set up a fish aquarium now to enjoy reaping the benefits as soon as possible!


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